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770 East Shaw Business Center
770 east shaw fresno
770 e shaw ave
770 east shaw avenue

As Originally Built

Renovation in Progress

2012 Renovation

​770 East Shaw Business Center – Perfecting the Tradition

770 East Shaw Business Center is a truly idyllic place to grow a new or existing business.  Dynamically located, the property is easily accessed as it sits in the middle of the financial epicenter of Fresno.   Every major financial institution in Fresno has its presence here.  The property is directly across the street from The Fashion Fair Mall which has been anointed as Fresno’s Old Town Center.  This Center has attracted award winning national chain restaurants that accommodate both businesses and families such as The Cheesecake Factory, Flemings Steakhouse and BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery as well as many high end boutiques and retailers.​

770 East Shaw Business Center was the original vision and design of Robert Stevens, of Robert Stevens Associates, one of Fresno’s finest and leading architects.  He directed the construction of a unique concept: a three story, four building garden style business center connected by walkways and corridors, creating an environment to facilitate the exchange of ideas and business opportunities. 

Robert Stevens was highly influenced by the work of modernists Shindler, Johnson and Neutra and he transferred their aesthetic and design principles to the context of the San Joaquin Valley.  Stevens is credited with pioneering the “Garden Office.” Stevens and Associates also designed the Fresno Convention Center, Bulldog Stadium, the CSUF Art Building, St. Columba’s Church, Hoover High School, and many of the major bank buildings in town.  Over his career he received many AIA (American Institute of Architects) design awards and a fellowship from the AIA for his innovative work on the garden office.  Many consider 770 East Shaw Business Center his best work.  It certainly was one of his most challenging designs and his passion and determination shows throughout the building.

770 East Shaw Business Center, the largest adjacent commercial office complex in the area, is nearing completion of a multimillion dollar renovation of its structural and artistic traditions which now creates a center for business and other opportunities.   Looking north from the 1st Street and East Shaw Avenue intersection, this formidable property commands notice with its immense size, brilliant copper accent and aura of power.

As you enter any one of the four gated entryways there is an immediate sense that this is an exceptional place to operate a business.  Majestic walls of chiseled stone ascend three stories toward the sky as the sun filters down into a Roman style piazza of brick and marble. Two stone fountains located near the east and west wings send the calming sound of water resonating throughout the courtyard.  A top each fountain stand exotic Egyptian Palace Cats--hand carved from black marble--proudly standing guard as they did in ancient times as symbolic protectors of their palace.  This concept of diligence and safety reflects the commitment of 770 East Shaw Business Center to providing protection for its residents. 

To bring the historical vision for this project to life, we turned to History in Stone Trading Co., a company that has been integral to the evolution of 770 East Shaw Business Center.  Owner Kelly O’Kelly remarked, “This project has been entirely about authenticity and stories that can be traced back 2,000 – 3,000 years.  We’ve created a fusion of the powerful empires of antiquity: Egypt, Babylonia, and Rome. With pride, we have brought tens of thousands of square feet of stone from the Sahut quarries in Turkey near Gordium where Alexander the Great cut the knot and began building his cities.”

As quoted by the onsite property manager, ”Our mission is to offer the most classic, timeless, secure and productive work environment for professionals and businesses to operate and thrive.”  770 East Shaw Business Center is unique in that its architecture and aesthetic create an energy unlike other properties.  This energy shines through in Stevens’ original work, and, through our recent enhancements, we have continued his tradition and culture.

Exotic Egyptian Palace Cat 

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